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Culture, sprituality, and love for the arts.

To provide therapy, knowledge and inspiration.


The Projeto Riddim organization was created by Daniela Martinez @solvibrasong and Wynston Taylor @homem_oraculo with the objective of promoting culture as an important tool in education. We function as a ¨traveling school¨ participating in investigative projects related to Roots Culture, which is the cultural aspect of a society that connects one group to other cultures around the world. In addition we host and create events in the communities that we visit with themes related to dance, music, art, and language.

The other aspect of our project involves promoting wellness by hosting self-help/holistic therapy courses, as well as connecting with those looking to try alternative methods to traditional mental healthcare. We offer Shamanic Reiki courses, Akashic Registers, Destiny Harmonization, and more through our website. Please follow us on instagram to stay updated on all of our current and future events!


Rhythm as a key principle of creation

Rhythm, as a primordial principle of manifestation, directs creation at a spatial and temporal level. That is, space-time revolves around rhythm. As this is a key component to our physical existence, it is an important factor to take into account when looking to expand our consciousness to other dimensions of being.

Projeto Riddim and Learning about Roots Culture

The original inception of this project started in 2014 when Sol and I met up to travel around Colombia to study folkloric music on the Caribbean Coast (Cartagena de Indias). Sol was finishing her degree in Music Pedagogy and had always…